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Jewellery care

One thing that’s definitely going to put your jewellery at risk from damage or tarnishing is wearing it to bed or in the shower, while your gardening, doing DIY, washing up or cooking, so do take it off and put it somewhere safe.

Silver will tarnish when exposed to air, the chlorine in bleach and other cleaning chemicals such as those in swimming pools, perspiration, make-up and even hand-sanitiser to mention just a handful of things.


Store your jewellery in its box and if you are not wearing it for some time wrapping it in acid-free tissue paper and a zip-lock bag is a great way to protect it. Read on for some top tips, but if you are ever unsure, I am always here to help if you email me.

Cleaning silver, gold and platinum jewellery

If you are ever unsure how to care for your jewellery, I am always happy to help if you email me.

Any gem-set jewellery is best cleaned in warm soapy water. Avoid water that is too hot, and sudden temperature shocks. If you have  pearls, emeralds, opals and some other delicate gems they need special consideration and extra care to do get in touch.. If you have purchased any items like this from me, you will have been given specific care instructions.  Always make sure you use a plastic bowl when cleaning your jewellery in case you drop the jewellery: you don’t want it to smash on a hard surface or drop it down your plug hole.

I always favour an old soft toothbrush to clean behind stones. It is best to avoid cleaning machines unless you have sought professional advice because they can damage some gem stones.

Shiny silver or gold

If your silver or gold is shiny I love using an old duster and some silvo polish – it will bring back a gorgeous shine. Just be sure to rinse any residue polish off and pat dry. 

Matt or textured silver and gold

Using Silvo on matt or textured silver or gold will make it shiny, so it is best to avoid that.

A pencil eraser is really good for cleaning any tarnish off, or by all means contact me for more detailed advice. I’m always happy to repolish your jewellery or give you more specific advice depending on the finish.

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