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Code of conduct: ethical and environmental concerns

Quality Assurance and quality control

My materials and gemstones are sourced from trusted suppliers who I have dealt with for many years. All my jewellery is handmade in my workshop by myself and never outsourced, so I quality control every step of the making process. Your jewellery will be fully insured when in my care and I offer a free checking and cleaning service for your jewellery when you order from me. I also provide care instructions to insure you get the most from your jewellery. 


I am registered with the 
London Assay Office and all my jewellery is hallmarked.


Precious metals - Fairtrade and Environmental issues

All my gold and platinum is from recycled materials; either recycled by myself or by my supplier and I am registered with the Fairtrade gold scheme. Some silver is certified as Ecosilver and it is hoped that more variety will become available - additionally I melt down and reuse my silver where possible. 


I only purchase diamonds from suppliers who can guarantee they do not deal in diamonds from areas of conflict, and who adhere to the Kimberly process. For more information please visit The Kimberly process is a certification scheme, established in 2003. For more information please visit the Guardian. For further information on buying diamonds please visit my diamond buying page.

Coloured stones

There are many ethical and environmental issues around the mining of coloured stones. For this reason I use long established and trusted suppliers who do everything they can to insure the traceability of the materials they sell.



Within my workshop nearly everything I use is recycled, whether it be the emery paper and polishing materials or the lemel (gold dust) and sweepings from the floor, created when I make your jewellery. I use safe processes to clean my metal and follow disposal guidelines  where required. The materials jewellers work with are so valuable that we have always reused and recycled them: even remodelling an existing piece of jewellery minimises environmental concerns and saves you money too.

For any questions about the materials I use please do get in touch.

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