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Hammer and dove pendant

Hammer and dove pendant

This is a sterling silver hammer and dove pendant, sold with a 16", 17" or 18" silver box chain. Please select which length you would like, or email me if you would like a longer or different style of chain so I can quote accordingly. For other options please visit the hammer and dove jewellery page, or email directly for any special requests and

I am making pendants, lapel pins, cuff-links and earrings, and 20% will be split between the Morning Star Newspaper and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign on any orders of these or any of my other jewellery. This is in response to ongoing attacks on the Palestinian people; their homes; livelihoods and rights: and the continued illegal occupation of their land. 


These two organisations do so much to support justice and human rights. The Morning Star is the only national newspaper of the left and is available online and in print. At a time when all our rights to health and justice are under threat from pay cuts, Covid policies, long covid and social justice, it's vitally important to support each other where ever we are in the world. 

For more information and facts about the struggle to secure justice for the Palestinian people please visit the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Visit the Morning Star online.

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